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Arun River Rafting

Arun River RaftingA powerful and famous river, huge rapids, good sensations. It is respected as one of the most mighty rivers of Nepal. Its source is on the Tibetan plateau, to the north of Katmandu. The Arun is ideal for someone who wants to run a big water river but hasn't got the time to raft the Sun Kosi or the Karnali.

Day    Description
Day 01: Drive to Hille by bus
Day 02:
Arrival at Hille Bazaar, after lunch a short trek and overnight camping.
Day 03:
Full day trekking and overnight camping.
Day 04:
Full day trekking and camping on the bank of Arun river near Tumlingtar.
Day 05:
Rafting and camping on the beach at Andherighat.
Day 06:
Rafting and camping on the river bank at Barachhetra.
Day 07:
Rafting to Chatara, lunch and then drive to Dharan, continue by night bus back to Katmandu.

River days
From Katmandu
Difficulty in November
Average gradient
Est. max. gradient
Volume in November
Best season

70 kms
3 days
1 day
Class 4-
0.25 % (12 ft a mile)
0.4 %
215 cumecs
Nov - April
Alt. 290 m
Alt. 115 m

6 ft a mile