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ADVENTURE PILGRIMS TREKKING is operated by Nepali and professional guides who have more than Twenty years experience in organizing and leading tours. Our expertise extends from leading trekking in Nepal and Tibet to organizing treks in areas as diverse as Mustang, Khumbu and Annapurna in Nepal. We also specialize in arranging treks to more remote regions such as Mt. Kailash, Dolpo and Mustang as well as arranging individual itineraries. So whether you are planning to go on an expedition or interested in trekking the remote regions of Nepal, or taking part in a sightseeing tour to Nepal or Tibet, we have or will organize the perfect trip for you. All our guides and support staff are natives of the region with extensive mountaineering and trekking backgrounds. They are also familiar with the languagesv, cultures and customs of Nepal and Tibet as well as with the history of the region. For your convenience, we have separated two regions such as Nepal and Tibet. Please visit these sections in our site and let us know what you come up with. We will be pleased to serve you. Read More >>

About Nepal

Nepal, a Himalayan country, is situated on the slopes of the central Himalayas and represents about one third of its whole length. Nepal lies between China on the north and India on the east, south and west. It is located between the latitudes 26 ° 22' and 30 ° 27' N and longitudes 80 ° 40' and 88 ° 12' E. It is roughly rectangular in shape and occupies a total are of 147,181 sq. km. From 145-241 km with a mean of mean of 193 km. About 83 per cent of its total land area is occupies by the high mountain and wavy hills and remaining 17 per cent by flat lands of the terai.

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Why choose adventure pilgrims trekking?

Support : Whatever adventure you want to undertake, be it a short trek through Nepali villages in the foothills of the Himalayas or month long high altitude expeditions; we've got you covered. We have good relationships with many transport companies and can organize any form of internal travel in or around Nepal . We also arrange for the hire of any equipment you may require for your adventure. Best Value : Adventure Pilgrims Trekking save you time and money by checking all options and recommending the best deal for you. We sell adventure holidays directly to you, the customer. We also arrange for the hire of any equipment you may require for your adventure. Best Value : Adventure Pilgrims Trekking save you time and money

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Nepal is one of the beautiful country in the world.


The confluence of the myth and the mountain andit's.


Cultural tours give visitors a deep insight into a unique.


India, one of the world's largest, oldest, continuous.

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